Wednesday, June 27, 2007

New Regal Theatre Club Launch July 3rd

The Regal Theatre aims to present a varied professional programme of high quality performing arts by companies who have earned a fine reputation at regional level. The Regal is able to do this because of the support which the West Somerset Community gives to the theatre.
A group of enthusiastic theatre goers is now helping us to make a visit to the Regal a more enjoyable experience by setting up a REGAL THEATRE CLUB. The Club will be launched in the bar pre-show and in the interval of BRISTOL OLD VIC THEATRE SCHOOL's production of ALL'S WELL THAT ENDS WELL on 3rd JULY 2007.

Members will enjoy the following benefits:

 A hospitality corner in the bar for members before a theatre club show - wine & cake or snacks appropriate to the show
 Additional information about theatre club companies in newsletters or email postings
 Opportunities to meet cast members after the show where possible
 Special deals for some theatre club shows
 Occasional pre-show suppers at local restaurants

More details in the Regal Theatre website

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